Industry Sectors

  • Commercial (New Build and Refit Office Buildings)
  • Residential (Multi Unit Developments, High Spec Houses, Multi storey Apartments)
  • Retail (Major Shopping Centres)
  • Industrial (Warehouses)
  • Health (Medical Laboratories, Daycare Facilities)
  • Education
  • Sport (Golf Course Development)
  • Heritage (Listed building refurbishment)
  • Remediation/Reinstatement
  • Infrastructure
  • Other (Genetic Laboratories, Aircraft Hangars)

Current Projects

  • We are currently undertaking the following projects:

      ·         340 Onehunga Mall, Onehunga, Auckland ($22million, 4storey plus podium basement, 51no. units)

      ·         300 Onehunga Mall, Onehunga, Auckland ($19million, 6storeys, 2storey podium basement, 27no. units incl office and retail)

      ·         Mokoia Views, Birkenhead, Auckland ($15million, 6storeys plus 2storey basement, 40no. units)

      ·         Alba Apartments, Albany, Auckland ($37million, 7no. 5storey buildings plus full podium basement 66no units, 6no. retail)

      ·         Shortland Street, Auckland, ($170million, 39storeys, 4storeys basement, 179no units, incl 8storeys of office, and retail)

      ·         The Avenue, Albany, Auckland, ($5million, 2storeys, 48no. units)

      ·         Grafton Ridge, Grafton, Auckland, ($4million, 4storeys, 20no. units)

      ·         Paramount, Mt Maunganui, ($3million, 4storeys, 40no. units)

      ·         The Quays, Viaduct, Auckland, ($1.5million, 4storeys, 63no. units)

      ·         Parnell Rd, Parnell, Auckland ($550,000 3storeys, 3no. units)

      ·         Mokoia Rd, Birkenhead, ($2.5million, 6storeys, 20no. units)

      ·         Siena Terraces, Newton, Auckland ($5million, 60no. units)

      ·         Mayfair Villas, Auckland, (2storeys, 20 no. units),

      ·         Hobson Towers, City, Auckland ($5million 12storeys, 40no. units)

      ·         Waikato Regional Council, City, Hamilton ($1.5million, 2storeys)

      ·         Blake St, Ponsonby, Auckland, (6storeys, 60no. units)

      ·         The Esplanade, Whitianga, ($3million, 4storeys, 20no. units)

      ·         The Anchorage, Mt Maunganui ($9million, 5 storeys, 68no. units)

      ·         Gladstone Apartments, Parnell, Auckland (6storeys, 68no. units)

      ·         The Cascades, Mt Maunganui ($3.2million, 4storeys, 14no. units)

      ·         132 Grafton Rd, Auckland ($1.3million, 3storeys, 6no. units)

      ·         Main Highway Ellerslie, $3.5million, 3 storey, 30no. units)

      ·         Accent, City, Auckland $4.7million, 9storeys, 221no.units)

      ·         Bridgewater, Paihia ($2million, 4storeys, 22no. units)

      ·         Salisbury Crown, Mt Maunganui, ($3.6million, 4storeys,16no. units)

      ·         508 Queen St, City, Auckland ($4million, 11storeys, 130no. units)

      ·         Gore St, City, Auckland ($10million, 37storeys, 393no. Units)

      ·         City Gardens, Auckland ($20million, 23storeys, 199no. Units)

      ·         Hargreaves St, Ponsonby, Auckland ($4million, 5storeys, 40no. units)

      ·         Belle Mer, Mt Maunganui ($1.5million, 3storeys, 16no. units)

      ·         Scene One, City, Auckland (16 storeys)

      ·         Avoka, Auckland, 12 storeys, 64no. units

      ·         Bella Vista, Te Atatu, Auckland (6storeys, 32no. units)

      ·         Kingslander, (6 storeys, 82no. units)

      ·         Imperial Gardens, City, Auckland (14 storeys 275no. units,)

      ·         Aintree, Remuera, Auckland, (2 storeys, 59no. units)

      ·         Freeman Way, Manukau, Auckland (3 storeys, 12units)

      ·         Charles St, Mt Eden, Auckland (3storeys 27units)

      ·         Lyon Ave, St Lukes, Auckland ( 3storeys, 59units)

      ·         Luna, Grafton, Auckland $20million (6 storeys plus 2basement, 121no. units,

      ·         Bay Palms, Browns Bay, Auckland $15million (3 storeys, 65no. units)

      ·         Regency Apartments, City, Auckland (5 storeys, 48units)

      ·         Westward Park, Glen Eden, Auckland $6million (3 storey, 66no. units)

      ·         Arthur St, Onehunga, Auckland

      ·         Westward Park Stage 2, Glen Eden, Auckland

      ·         Mount Central, Mt Maunganui (4storey plus basement, 55no. units)

      ·         Cayman, Mt Maunganui (6storey plus basement, 48no. units)

      ·         Reef Apartments, Mt Maunganui

      ·         The Block II for Eyeworks, 4no. high spec residential development

      ·         The Block III for Eyeworks, 4no. new build high spec residential development

      ·         The Block IV for Eyeworks, apartment building conversion and seismic upgrade

      ·         Te Atatu Fire Station, Auckland ($3.0million new build)

      ·         Takapuna Fire Station, 83 Wairau Road, Takapuna ($4millon new build)

      ·         Paihia Fire Station, 25 Selwyn Road, Paihia ($1.3million new build)

      ·         East Coast Bays Fire Station, Auckland.

      ·         The Grounds, Hobsonville, Auckland

      ·         Epsom Aged Care, Epsom, Auckland

      ·         Mount Royale, Mount Maunganui

      ·         Parnell Terraces, Parnell, Auckland $22million, 3storeys, 81no. units)

    Quantum Ltd - Projects

    Onehunga Mall, Onehunga, Auckland

    Quantum Ltd - Projects

    Mount Eden Road, Auckland

    Quantum Ltd - Projects

    City Gardens, Albert Street, Auckland

    Quantum Ltd - Projects

    Hobson Towers, Auckland

    Quantum Ltd - Projects

    Te Atatu Fire Station, Auckland

    Quantum Ltd - Projects

    Onehunga Mall, Onehunga, Auckland

    Quantum Ltd - Projects

    Cook Street, Central Business District, Auckland

    Quantum Ltd - Projects

    Anchorage, Mount Maunganui

    Quantum Ltd - Projects

    Cayman Apartments, Mount Maunganui

    Quantum Ltd - Projects

    Salisbury Apartments, Mount Maunganui

    MAJOR PROJECTS (selection only - not all shown)

    • Commercial
      • $560 million Sky City Casino (Auckland)
      • $120 million (£35 million) DS5 Canary Wharf (London)
      • $72 million Sky tower (Auckland)
      • $14 million New Build Offices (East Tamaki)
      • $8.5 million Cinema Fitout
      • $2 million Office refurbishment (Greenlane)
    • Residential
      • $15 million 15storey apartment building (CBD)
      • $1million High Spec residential (Grey Lynn)
      • $500k High Spec residential (Ponsonby)
    • Retail
      • $135 million Westfield Albany Shopping Centre (Auckland)
      • $88.5 million Sylvia Park Shopping Centre (Auckland)
      • $3 million St Lukes Bulk Retail Centre (Auckland)
    • Industrial
      • $15 million Manufacturing (Avondale)
      • $12 million Industrial Units (New Lynn)
      • $6 million Office/Warehouse (Manukau)
      • $3 million Office/Warehouse (Albany)
      • $1 million Warehouse Extension (Penrose)
    • Health
      • $12 million Retirement Village (Auckland)
      • $5 million Medical Laboratory (Auckland)
      • $3 million Genetics Laboratory (Auckland)
      • $2million Retirement Village (Auckland)
      • $1.4million Health Camp (Rotorua)
    • Education
      • $700k Primary School (Manukau)
      • $1 million Newham College, Stratford (London)
    • Sport
      • $1,500 million (£460 million) Wembley National Stadium (London)
      • $70 million Golf Course Development (Northland)
      • $1.5 million Golf Club House (Mt Roskill)
    • Heritage
      • Drummonds Bank (London)
      • White Hall (London)
      • Random House (London)
      • Dilworth Building (Auckland)
    • Remediation
      • $200 million HNZ South Auckland Housing stock refurbishment
      • $9 million Apartments (Tauranga)
      • $5 million Apartments (Wellington)
      • $5 million 48no. Apartments (Albany)
      • $4 million 63no. Apartments, Ponsonby (Auckland)
      • $3 million 60no. Apartments, Ponsonby (Auckland)
      • $2 million Apartments (Gisborne)
      • $2 million Apartments, Birkenhead (Auckland)
      • $1 million Residence, Albany (Auckland)
      • $250k Otto Residence (Auckland)
      • $400k Portage Road (Auckland)
    • Infrastructure
      • $29 million Electrical Substations (Fiji)
    • Other
      • $6 million Commercial Offices/Aircraft Hanger