Scope of Services

  • We can assist with the following tasks that we anticipate you may require:

Project Programme (by Quantum® PM Ltd.)

To prepare a preliminary project programme outlining the required processes, sequence of work and indicative durations, to assist in managing the process.


Key Milestones (by Quantum® PM Ltd.)

To prepare a summary of preliminary Key Milestone tasks, related time frames and assigned actions to identify the order and responsibility of key tasks to assist in managing timely completion (based on Project Programme prepared by Quantum).


Project Budget (by Quantum® PM Ltd.)

To prepare an overall project budget, including construction costs, consents, insurances, professional fees, contingency and other relevant costs (based on Project Programme, Key Milestones and Rough Order of Costs/Elemental Estimate prepared by Quantum, or contractors tenders).


Requests for Proposal  (‘RFP’) Preparation (by Quantum® PM Ltd.)

To advise regarding recommended design consultants and prepare Request for Proposals to obtain fee proposals from the recommended consultants if required.


Proposal Evaluation (by Quantum® PM Ltd.)

To review and evaluate design consultants’ fee proposals and assist in the appointment process including meetings with the client and consultants as required.


Market Typology Report

To prepare a report identifying the relative supply and demand volumes and price for a proposed Property Type (e.g. Apartment or House), in a proposed suburb, to assist in identifying the target market typology (e.g. 3bedroom, 2bathroom) to inform the design Bulk & Location.


Rough Order of Costs

To prepare a Rough Order of Costs, based on an approximate cost of similar projects per metre square of Gross Floor Area, based on the Bulk & Location plans provided, to establish an indicative preliminary budget.


Cashflow Forecast/Report

Preparing a Cashflow Forecast, based on the project budget and key stages of the anticipated project programme, to assist in cashflow planning and management.


Feasibility Study

To prepare a preliminary Feasibility study, incorporating the Project Budget, Programme, Key Milestones, Cashflow; estimated Land, Finance, Sales, Marketing and other costs, and anticipated Sales income (advised by the client and/or client’s advisors) to determine the anticipated profitability and project Feasibility.


Preliminary Elemental Estimate

To prepare a Preliminary Budget Estimate carried out on an elemental analysis basis on Preliminary/Developed/Detailed Design to establish a preliminary budget, and enable value engineering if required to achieve desired budget.


Value Engineering (if required)

reviewing design documentation in liaison with Architect and Engineer to explore alternative materials/products/construction methodology to achieve cost saving measures.


Supplier Cost Savings

To identify, negotiate and agree project specific supplier cost savings.


Contract Documentation

Advising regarding appropriate Conditions of Contract, provision of contract documentation and assistance defining project specific and special conditions. Negotiation and agreement of contract conditions with the proposed Contractor, and overseeing completion of formalities.


Special Conditions of Contract

To advise regarding recommended special conditions of contract to isolate, minimize and reduce potential claims and related time, cost and risk during the project.


Tender Preparation

Preparation of tender, selecting proposed tenderers in liaison with Architect, and preparing Invite to Tenderers, Conditions of Tendering, including defining project specifics,  Special Conditions, Provisional Sums, Prime Cost Sums, Separate Contractors, Nominated contractors, Client supply items, Onsite and Offsite Overheads and margin, Programme  etc. Assistance with the tender process, liaise with tenderers, answering queries, and provide cost related clarification.


Tender Evaluation

Analysing received tenders to determine completeness, correctness, and compliance with Tender documents; negotiation with Tenderers to determine most cost efficient fully compliant tender; and recommendation of proposed successful Tenderer to the Client.


Contract Administration

Contract administration, preparation, travel and attendance at PCG meetings; reviewing and evaluating progress claims, preparing progress payment schedules, reviewing and evaluating variation claims, reviewing and evaluating provisional sum expenditure, evaluating and agreeing the Final Account, liaising with the architect, project manager, contractor, consultants and client as and when required etc.


Budget Preparation & Report

Preparing and maintaining overall contract budget (excluding insurances, consents and fees), including all anticipated costs, and reporting as and when requested by the Client.


Cashflow Forecast/Report

Preparing a Cashflow Forecast, and updating and producing Cashflow Report as and when requested by the Client.


Project Management (Pre-Contract, Contract & Post-Contract Stages)

the role of Project Manager.

establishing the Project Team (if required)

the role of ‘Engineer to the Contract’ in accordance with the conditions of contract.

·         leading the team of design consultants to ensure timely completion of concept, preliminary, developed, detailed design, tender, and contract drawings.

·         managing the project in accordance with the Programme and Key Milestones

·         managing the contract in accordance with the conditions of contract,

·         chairing and minuting Project Control Group meetings

·         chairing and minuting Design Meetings

·         programme review and updates

·         site visits

·         coordinating responses to client and contractor’s queries from appropriate consultants,

·         liaison and correspondence with client, architect, engineer, quantity surveyor, consultants and contractor as required, monitoring project progress and reporting to the client as and when required


Bank Finance

Initial advice and introductions to obtain Bank or Non-Bank or Mezzanine finance to be obtained.


Initial Report

To prepare an Initial Report in general accordance with the Banks standard Professional Services Brief and Facility Agreement.


Payment Drawdown

To prepare monthly Progress Drawdown Certificates and Reports as required to enable approval of finance draw downs from the Bank.



To prepare a Remedial Works Estimate, based on the scope of works provided, to establish an indicative preliminary budget.

To analyse claimed costs, identify betterment, maintenance and other inappropriate costs, and report on same.

To prepare for and/or attend mediation, adjudication, arbitration or litigation (if required).


Other Assistance

Any meetings, site visits, estimate adjustments or revisions, or other advice, assistance or liaison and correspondence as and when required.