• Estimating
    • Feasibility Studies
    • Preliminary Budget Estimates
    • Elemental Estimates
    • Value/Cost Engineering
    • Remediation Estimates
  • Quantity Surveying
    • Schedule Of Quantities
    • Tender Management
    • Contract Documentation
    • Contract Administration
    • Payment Claim evaluation
    • Payment Schedule preparation
    • Variation Claim evaluation
    • Final Account evaluation
    • Budget Preparation & Reports
    • Cash Flow Forecasts
    • Precondition Confirmation
    • Payment Draw downs
    • Design/Cost Management

  • Dispute Resolution (Mediation, Adjudication & Arbitration)
    • Claim & Response Preparation
    • Expert Witnessing
    • Analysis of Claimed Costs
    • Forensic Quantity Surveying
  • Construction Programming

  • Process analysis and refinement

We can provide the following Quantity Surveying services as required:

Feasibility Study

An analysis of the total estimated project cost, including all relevant costs of construction, consultants, consents etc. to establish if a proposed project is likely to achieve the profit required by the Client to make it feasible.

Preliminary Budget Estimate

An estimate carried out on a gross floor area basis on Bulk & Location or Concept plans to establish an indicative preliminary budget, to assist in determining if the project is feasible.

Elemental Estimate

An estimate carried out on an elemental analysis basis on Concept or Developed Design to establish the budget, and allow value engineering as required to achieve desired budget.

Value /Cost Engineering

Reviewing design documentation in liaison with Architect and Engineer to explore alternative materials/products/construction methodology to achieve cost saving measures.

Schedule of Quantities

Preparing a Schedule of Quantities or a Schedule of Rates to assist in assessing tenders on a directly comparable basis, and to ensure efficient cost control of variation claims during the contract.

Tender Management

Preparation of tender documents, selecting proposed tenderers in liaison with Architect, and processing tender invites.
Analysing submitted tenders and proposed construction Programme to determine completeness, correctness, and compliance with Tender documents; negotiation with Tenderers to determine most cost efficient fully compliant tender; and recommendation of proposed successful Tenderer to the Client.

Contract Documentation

Selection of appropriate Conditions of Contract, provision of contract documentation and assistance defining project specific and special conditions. Negotiation and agreement of contract conditions with the proposed Contractor, and overseeing completion of formalities.

Contract Administration

Reviewing and certifying of monthly Progress Claims. Reviewing proposed Variations and advising Cost estimates of same if required (prior to Variation being instructed). Reviewing, verifying and agreeing Variation Claims received from the Contractor. Review and Certification of Final Account Liaison with the Architect and other consultants throughout the construction period; attending site meetings, Project control group meetings, and client meetings as required, dealing with the day to day cost issues arising in coordination with the Architect and engineer.

Budget Preparation & Report

Preparing and maintaining overall Project Budget, including all anticipated costs, and reporting as and when requested by the Client.

Cashflow Forecast/Report

Preparing a Cashflow Forecast, and updating and producing Cashflow Report as and when requested by the Client.

Payment Draw Downs

Preparing Drawn Down report required to enable approval of finance draw down from Client’s financier.

In addition to the above, we can also provide the following services where applicable:

Remediation/Reinstatement/Restoration Work

(Leaky Building Remediation, Heritage Building Restoration, Insurance Reinstatement)

    • Remedial work Estimate
      An estimate carried out based on a Building Surveyor’s / WHRS Assessor’s report to determine the estimated cost of repair.

    • Analysis of Claimed Costs
      An in depth analysis of claimed costs to identify potential irrelevant or inappropriate costs, such as costs related to Betterment, inadequate Maintenance and the associated cost of dilapidation and depreciation.

Dispute Resolution

    • Mediation
      Independent and impartial advice to assist in reaching amicable agreement to settle construction disputes, including valuation of variation claims and advice on contractual requirements if required.

    • Claim & Response Preparation
      Preparation of Claims and/or Responses to Claims for Mediation, Adjudication, Arbitration or Litigation in construction disputes.

    • Expert Witness
      Review and evaluation of Claims and/or Responses to Claims and impartial representation in construction disputes.

Project Management

A full range of Project Management and Client Advocacy services are also available if required.